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L. Anthony Gaud

Creative Director and

Creative Business Executive


  • Development of Innovative Interactive Products and User Experiences. 


  • Creative Direction, Ideation, Intellectual Property and Brand Development. 


  • Marketing, communication and Presentation Skills.

  • Strategic Vision and Competitive Advantage Mitigation.

  • Business and Contract  Development. 


  • Targeted Development for Teen, Millennial and Gen-X markets. 


  • Team Building, Management, Recruitment and Mentorship.

"Anthony is one of the most passionate and creative people I've had the pleasure of working with. A great collaborator and problem solver, Anthony can always be counted on to deliver great results.”

Chuck O'Sieja,

Partner and Creative Director,

Microsoft Games

"You always feel whatever the project, schedule and difficulties Anthony will be with you at every step to make sure you can push the boundaries to get the best outcome possible for all involved."

Ciaran Morris,

Director, Trilabyrinth Studios

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