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L. Anthony Gaud

Creative Director and

Creative Business Executive


"From broadcast animation to video games and into the casino gaming space, Anthony's never failed to surprise me or deliver results. I've been continually impressed over the years at his capacity to analyze trends and synthesize them into new (and profitable) products... Quite simply, he's likely a few years ahead of some of the major players and thought leaders in the market. "
Scott Herrington,
Project Manager, Scientific Games



  • (2019) Co-Founded G3 Gaming Group

  • (2019) Named Chair of the American Heart Association Gaming and Youth Task Force

  • (2018) Co-Founded INGAME Esports

  • (2017) Co-Founded RTM Technologies, a predictive analytics company partnered with Rutgers University (news)

  • (2016) Co-Founded Reelcade, a millennial casino iGaming and eSports concepts innovation interactive studio (website)

  • (2009) Co-Founded Studio-Ex, a joint American and Korean interactive game studio that introduced free-to-play online social gaming to western audiences. Acquired by The Walt Disney Company

  • (2007) Co-Founded Kabillion, an Emmy award-winning Top-10 ranked video-on-demand network launched as a partnership with Comcast. Now available to 96 million customers (website)

  • (2004) Founded DAG Entertainment, developer of children’s multi-platform properties and programming nominated for 3 Annie Awards and winners of Emmy, Pulcinella and Hugo Awards. 

"He's an incredibly rare combination of creative/analytical thinking, and is the ultimate team player."

Brad Schultz,

Co-Founder CXO, 

BeatBox Beverages

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