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L. Anthony Gaud

Creative Director and

Creative Business Executive


  • Senior-level innovator with an award-winning track record of success.

  • Executive experience developing interactive products in Asia, Europe, and North America.

  • Extremely aggressive and talented in assembling "A-list" teams to move product to market in a quality way.

  • Cross-functional background in interactive games, animation, media platforms, technology, marketing, physical products and location-based experiences.

  • Successfully built and managed multiple interactive and media businesses from the ground up.

Lucasfilm, San Francisco

“While working with Anthony at Marvel, it was obvious he possessed an impressive creative mind and a refreshing design approach. He was agile in his work and always able to accommodate challenging deadlines. His gregarious personality and wit was always appreciated. He is a strong creative director for any project.”

Eric Adams,

Executive Producer,

Unity Technologies

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