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Update on AC Esports Innovation Center

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The below article is an update on the Stockton University Esports Innovation Center that was facilitated by G3 Esports between Stockton University and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Atlantic City is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing esports passion for several key reasons. First, in terms of event space, Atlantic City is unmatched. With 17,000 hotel rooms and multiple casinos and event spaces, hosting large-scale events in Atlantic City is commonplace.

Additionally, Atlantic City is within a four-hour drive of 75% of the East Coast population, which has extremely favorable demographics. In the offseason months, the cost of hosting events in Atlantic City is significantly less than in competing regions.

The overwhelming desire for people to bet on competitions opens the door for a new market of esports betting, which New Jersey is the first in the nation to embrace. Globally, the esports betting market, which has already been established in Europe could reach more than $20 billion annually in the next decade.

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