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Statement on Penn State Ruling

Conference One reaffirms its commitment to be open to all races, genders and sexual orientations. Those that fail to uphold these values will not be a part of the Conference One community.

Statement from Kiernan Ensor below.

Penn State offered an apology to the female player on the Virginia Tech team and to Conference One.

An Apology to @VESPAEsports and @CF1Esports :

On Monday, 3/29/2021, during Penn State Valorant's match against Virginia Tech in Conference1 play, a Penn State player in comms made a derogatory and sexist comment towards a player on Virginia Tech that was broadcasted publicly. The comment goes against the mission of not only Penn State Esports, but our colleagues in Conference1 play as well - to push the boundaries of collegiate esports and make the community a welcome and inviting place for everyone. The player in question on Penn State has been benched indefinitely for the comment and will be handled internally by the division head of Penn State Valorant. Once again, we at Penn State Valorant are extremely sorry to the team at Virginia Tech and our colleagues at Conference1 Esports, and we hope to push the boundaries of collegiate esports together for everyone. For any further questions please message the Penn State Valorant division head, Aaron Fosmire.

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