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Sharpr's 2023 esports forecast includes G3 insights

“I think 2023 will be the year we finally see esports in the U.S. become more mainstream for regulators and thus, more accepted and streamlined in speed-to-market at state-level regulation.”

Anthony Gaud, who founded the aforementioned Regulated Videogames and Esports Committee, says “states will get about regulating skill-based video games and esports wagering.”

“In the coming year, states will begin to take a stricter approach to regulating skill-based video games and esports wagering. This is due to the significant problems that have arisen in the currently unregulated gray market.”

Gaud says appropriate KYC, responsible gaming protocols, regulatory oversight, and taxation are all set to see an overhaul this year. He believes New Jersey and Nevada will be first to champion comprehensive regulations for esports (I tend to agree), and that skill-based esports betting operators (companies like Players’ Lounge and 1v1Me, for example) will be “required to obtain a license and comply with all relevant regulations and processes.”

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