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SBC Summit Barcelona Interview: Part 1

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Marrying esports and igaming is a challenge that, if tackled, could revolutionise the gambling industry and carry it into the modern age of entertainment.

This was the sentiment echoed by Anthony Gaud, CEO of GaudHammer Gaming Group (G3), who outlined the company’s passion for integrating esports, and other engaging features derived from video games, into the gambling world.

After it was announced that Gaud is set to speak on the ‘multiplayer slots – taking influence from esports’ panel at SBC Summit Barcelona, the Emmy-winning CEO, and also Chair of the Regulated Esports and Videogames Committee, stressed the importance of recognising esports at igaming events, while explaining that multiplayer slots are “far from reaching their potential”.

Read the interview on the SBC website

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