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NJ youth esports recreational league announced

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Pilot Program to Establish Recreational Esports Leagues Launches in July

The Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group (G3) and the United States Esports Association (USEA) have partnered with Microsoft, the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, and the City of Linwood to launch an innovative recreational league pilot program for youth esports in the area.

Designed for children ranging in age from 10-15, this pioneering program will begin play on Friday, July 10th and with an initial focus on the popular Rocket League esports title. Matches will occur between the Atlantic City and Linwood teams on a weekly basis. Additional titles will be added to play as the league evolves.

Designed and executed by the Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group and the USEA, the summer-long esports initiative will focus on the development of inter-city/multi-municipality league play, growing youth esports opportunities outside of scholastic structures, and the development of youth esports coaching development and strategies.

Microsoft Stores across the country have been helping K-12, College and community esports teams for five years with training and game day management, shout-casting and technology support. New Jersey Microsoft Stores will support this effort by providing scheduling, updated rankings, and streaming select matches through Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform.

Players interested in participating can find more information at [link].

“The Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group is extremely excited to play a role in developing this pioneering esports pilot program,” said Anthony Gaud, G3’s CEO. “We believe esports provides an opportunity for kids of any race, creed, gender and physical ability to be the town hero. When executed properly, esports is a healthy activity that promotes cooperative team building, communication skills and the development of goal-driven behaviors. And because a healthy body supports a healthy mind, we are working with the American Heart Association to develop cardio-vascular training regimens to help build a wellness-focused relationship with gaming for our players.”

Miguel Gil, the founder of USEA, added, "The United States Esports Association is thrilled to announce our partnership with G3. We look forward to supporting the creation of an Esports atmosphere in Linwood that is grounded in high standards of amateurism and good sportsmanship. All USEA supported youth recreational leagues are dedicated towards providing participants the opportunity to pursue their passions in a healthy environment dedicated toward the promotion of individual growth."

“The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City is excited to be engaging in this partnership which will introduce our Club kids to a new and innovative forms of technology and friendly competition,” said Stephanie Koch, BGCAC CEO. “BGCAC serves as the scaffolding on which our kids climb igniting their creativity, as well as fuel their passion for technology. We believe gaming builds a firm foundation for learning in technology within our STEAM career pathway and look forward to hosting this opportunity for our youth.”

Darren Matik, “As Mayor of the City of Linwood, we are proud to be supporting and providing another recreational activity for our youth. We thank Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group for this opportunity.“

About G3 Esports

G3 understands and shares the love, excitement, and cultural context that video games and esports contribute to a player’s life. Our mission is to help bring to reality the gaming community’s deep desire to grow the reach and acceptance of the pastime they love. We are committed to creating a safe, healthy, and supportive world, one that builds gamers’ skillsets, provides them with the tools to improve their lives and community, and drives the gaming culture forward.

About United States Esports Association USEA is a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting healthful recreation, good sportsmanship, diversity and inclusion in esports.

About The Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City It is the mission of the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City to provide resources for the development of young people, from all backgrounds – to realize their full potential as responsible & caring adults. As part of that mission, the BGCAC is:

  • Committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in Atlantic City

  • Providing for the development of young people, from all backgrounds – to realize their full potential as responsible and caring adults.

  • Accepting of all races, religions, and ethnic cultures with values of unity, positive relationships, and love for one another.

  • Striving to build strong character traits in our Club Kids and give them the tools they need for success.

  • Utilizing education, career exploration, job training, mentoring, and cultural enrichment as vehicles to support our children, as well as their parents through a two-generation approach.

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