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New Jersey positions itself for esports growth

New Jersey — and Atlantic City specifically — is poised to become a leader in esports development and the regulation of esports wagering, according to state officials and education leaders who have been pushing several new initiatives in the region.

During a webinar held by the Greater Atlantic City Chamber, state officials said New Jersey’s existing regulations on traditional sports wagering since the recent Supreme Court decision to open the market nationwide have put the state in a solid position to manage the next big wave of esports-related wagering. Regulation issues are becoming significant in several states, including Nevada, which recently has debated legislation to establish an esports commission.

But more than that, the combination of investment in a new esports innovation center and the built-in attractions that the destination offers could position Atlantic City for future growth in the market — and to attract a younger demographic of visitor — said Anthony Gaud, CEO of G3 Esports and chair of the American Heart Association Gaming and Youth Task Force.

“If we play our cards right, we should have a younger tourism base coming here that’s going to enjoy it for years to come,” Gaud said. “The combination of the beach and hotels really make it quite attractive.”

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