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New Initiatives set NJ on path to lead US Esports Industry

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

“Finding the ideal location to establish Conference One was challenging. We needed a place with a robust technology infrastructure that could handle the demands of major livestreamed events, a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, and an established sports wagering industry. Not many locations offer all of that, but New Jersey has it all,” said Anthony Gaud, CEO of G3 Esports, which established and manages Conference One. “We look forward to collaborating with the NJEDA and other partners throughout the state to grow Conference One while supporting New Jersey’s emerging status as the hub of the American esports industry.”

The launch of esports betting and Conference One this fall is just the beginning of the industry’s growth in New Jersey. Several New Jersey colleges have established esports teams and a few have begun developing coursework and internship programs to prepare students for careers in the field. The NJEDA supports these efforts and is actively seeking to connect with innovative esports businesses to accelerate the industry’s continued growth in New Jersey.

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