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NACE and Esports Illustrated Partner to Establish Leading Collegiate Esports News Publisher

Kansas City, MO - The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) is proud to announce a groundbreaking new partnership with Esports Illustrated. The three-year agreement will bring unique opportunities to NACE member institutions and students, through internships and other initiatives aimed at shaping the future of collegiate esports.

NACE is a non-profit membership organization established by its member institutions and is the largest association of varsity collegiate esports in North America. NACE provides a platform for colleges and universities to collaborate on important initiatives such as eligibility, academic pathways, competition, and scholarships. Additionally, NACE oversees operations and competition for NACE Starleague, North America’s largest collegiate league with nearly 700 colleges and over 13,000 students, as it advances the competitive experience for student-athletes and provides them with an ideal place to showcase their skills.

Esports Illustrated, partnered with Sports Illustrated, is a leading brand in the esports industry and is dedicated to providing the latest news, insights, and analysis to its audience. Esports Illustrated is committed to providing opportunities for students to gain valuable job skills and is excited to work with NACE to establish the leading collegiate esports news publisher in North America.

The NACE Contributor Program is set to launch in March 2023 and the Esports Illustrated Internship Program, launching in Summer 2023, will offer paid Scholastic Editor internship positions to students from NACE member institutions. This partnership will provide students with the opportunity to develop in-demand job skills in the rapidly growing esports industry.

"The NACE Contributor Program is a spectacular opportunity for not only the students who will get high quality experience and skills, but also for NACE and Esports Illustrated to bolster the collegiate esports scene with increased awareness and reputation. This combination of collegiate esports competition, education, and professional development has never been done before. NACE and Esports Illustrated are on the cutting edge of the esports industry and I'm excited to see how their partnership flourishes into the future," said Brad 'Voidex' Blanchard, Shenandoah University, Coordinating Chair of the NACE Student Representative Program.

NACE and Esports Illustrated are dedicated to providing unparalleled opportunities for students, and to shaping the future of the collegiate esports space.

"We are excited to partner with Esports Illustrated to revolutionize the collegiate esports space. This collaboration will establish clear industry leadership, provide a central focus for the entire community, and offer NACE members - including students at every institution - valuable opportunities to grow and succeed," said Michael Brooks, Executive Director of NACE.

The partnership also aims to establish Esports Illustrated as the leading and most influential collegiate esports news publisher in North America, while upholding journalistic integrity and ensuring a fair and unbiased representation of the industry.

"G3 Esports is committed to shaping the future of esports through education and opportunities for students. Our partnership with NACE further demonstrates our dedication to this goal, and we are thrilled to be a part of this transformative collaboration," said Nafeeza Hassan, President of G3 Esports.

For more information on NACE and Esports Illustrated, please visit their respective websites.


National Association of Collegiate Esports

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