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Meet the Esports Illustrated Staff

The mastermind mayhem

Nafeeza Hassan // President

Nafeeza is the President of Esports Illustrated and is an all-around creator and curious explorer. Powered by Red Bull and chips, she believes in creating and experiencing meaningful moments in this wild journey of life. When she’s not busy looting in Apex Legends, she can be found whipping up new culinary creations, having random dance parties, or getting crafty with a paintbrush and iPad in hand. Currently obsessed with doomscrolling on Netflix, Lil Baby and trying to teach her old dog new tricks.

Kali Scales // Editor in Chief

Kali is a writer, streamer, and tabletop enthusiast. Beyond her work as a writer for Esports Illustrated, she enjoys writing fiction in her spare time and playing Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. In addition to being easily summed up in 3-5 sentences, she's proudly thirsty and very queer.

Zack Patraw // Publishing Manager

Zack is the Publishing Manager for Esports Illustrated. He grew up playing videos as a kid, mainly sports games and the Call of Dutyseries. Zack found a love for video games by playing the first ever CoD game with his younger brother and friends and still follows the new CoD games and Call of Duty League to this day. If you ever see this noob in one of your lobbies, be prepared for the easiest bot lobby you've ever had.

Scott Zackman // Project Manager

Scott hails from the oh-so-pleasant 'armpit of America,' but don't let that fool you. He's a Rutgers Esports alumni who is always ready to drop some tasty Rocket League shots. When he's not playing games, he's fishing, painting, or restoring vintage stuff. With his passion for the esports industry, Scott is living proof that sometimes, great things come from armpits.

Meredith Wilcox // Social Media Manager

Meredith is Esports Illustrated’s Social Media Manager. Despite being built like an e-girl, this midwestern creator prefers ggs to uwus. While most of her time is consumed by the depths of social media, even she remembers to touch grass. Meredith spends her free time crocheting, playing dnd, and painting.

James Hammerstedt // HR

James is Esports Illustrated’s HR guy. This South Jersey try-hard always goes headfirst into the challenges life throws at him. When he is not looking at resumes, James enjoys reading, working out, and trying to maintain a respectable K/D on CoD.

Sage Datuin // Writer

Sage is Esports Illustrated’s Digital Producer for written and video content. When he is not asking pro players, “how they feel”, he loves watching videos of cute aquatic animals. His favorites are narwhals, beluga wheels, and Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob. Yes, she counts.

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