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G3 Featured at Inaugural Atlanta Summit

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The GaudHammer Gaming Group (G3) is honored to be a featured gaming speaker at Skillshot Media's Atlanta Digital World Summit. Known as Atlanta's premier esports organization, Skillshot Media is hosting a summit that will highlight the city's entertainment, music, and fintech industries.

The G3 team is thrilled to participate in this groundbreaking conference that promises to bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and experts from all over the world, all converged to discuss the cutting edge of digital innovation and its profound influence on the entertainment industry.

A unique aspect of this summit is its commitment to education and professional growth. Not only will it offer academic internships and scholarships through its partner firms, but we're also thrilled to announce a collaboration with the Georgia Film Foundation.

As part of the panel discussion, G3 and other guest speakers will discuss the current state of Atlanta's entertainment, gaming, and fintech, including market trends, upcoming innovations, and strategies and best practices that are shaping the digital world.

Gaming Panel:

  • Anthony Gaud – Co-CEO, Gaudhammer Gaming Group

  • Evan lahti – Editor in Chief – PC Gamer – Moderator

  • Todd Harris – CEO, Skillshot Media

  • Dave Walen – CEO Exploring Digital

  • Liz Tate – Tripwire Interactive COO

  • Marcus Matthew – Veteran Game Developer

Fintech Panel:

  • Hillery Champagne, Executive Director of Fintech Atlanta, will serve as the moderator.

  • Dr. Humayan Zafar, Fintech Faculty at Kennesaw State, will provide his expertise.

  • Jeff Gapusan, CEO of Filmhedge, will share insights from the entertainment financing sector.

  • Sandra Blair, CEO of Payverse, will bring her knowledge in financial technology.

  • David Maiman, Professor of Cybersecurity at GSA

Entertainment Panel:

  • Dallas Austin, renowned music producer and songwriter.

  • Chris LeDoux, CEO Crafty Apes

  • Darius Evans, respected industry executive.

  • Isaac Hayes III, dynamic entrepreneur and producer

  • Dina Marto, influential manager and entrepreneur.

  • Michelle Davis, visionary film producer and director.

  • Ryan Millsap, leading figure in the entertainment industry

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