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G3 Makes 'What's Cooking 2024' List

Updated: Apr 5

Speaking at last September’s SBC Barcelona Summit, Anthony Gaud, co-CEO of GaudHammer Gaming Group, echoed the view that if tackled correctly, a marriage between esports and iGaming could revolutionize the gambling industry and carry it into modern age of entertainment.

The hybridization of game genres, combining elements from different genres to create gameplay experiences, will allow developers to differentiate themselves and achieve competitive advantage by delivering more depth and more diverse player choices.

Gaud believes that “We are on the brink of a new industry, the merger of gambling with video games, the world’s biggest entertainment industry.”

He believes that video games bring a whole new level of engagement and excitement to the gambling industry. We have only just begun to imagine how entertainment and wagering will converge in the future. The multiplayer video game experience, combining elements of slots and popular video games, will only benefit from close collaboration.

Slot machines are complex systems, with the balances between stakes and prizes a science all of its own. Alongside this, player motivations, engagement methodology and the dynamics of group play are video game specializations.

Marrying these two skillsets within a single publicly released will emerge as a significant category in the iGaming space, as interaction with others is a priority for the younger and upcoming demographic groups.

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