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G3 Leads Conference Track at SBC Summit NA

Anthony Gaud, Co-CEO of G3, is at the forefront of the SBC Summit North America, the premier event in wagering, presenting on "What Does Regulated Betting on Video Games Look Like?"

This session is a highlight of the summit, scheduled for May 8th-9th, and will be held on the second stage, within the 'Sports Betting' conference track. This track aims to engage over 5,000 participants with in-depth analyses of current sports betting trends, cutting-edge technologies, and the evolving sports betting scene in North America.

The conference will host a distinguished group of experts in sports betting, offering panel discussions on several vital topics. These include the development of successful partnerships between operators and leagues, an exploration of emerging technologies poised to revolutionize the sports betting industry, and an examination of the complexities surrounding media partnerships. This diverse agenda promises to offer comprehensive insights into the sports betting domain, catering to the interests and professional growth of attendees.

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