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G3 CEO Discusses Videogames as Economic Catalyst in Atlantic County

Updated: Apr 5

Anthony Gaud, CEO of G3 Esports, concluded the Atlantic County Business Growth Summit on May 11, 2023, with a compelling talk on the potential of esports to revitalize the local economy and draw new businesses and residents to the area.

Gaud highlighted the rapid growth of the esports industry, which boasts a global audience exceeding 450 million people. He emphasized that Atlantic County's central location, proximity to major east coast population centers, and established gambling infrastructure make it an ideal candidate for a prominent esports hub.

Gaud shared that G3 Esports is actively working to develop video game and esports wagering in Atlantic City, with plans to host major tournaments and attract elite players from across the globe. He expressed confidence that these initiatives would serve as significant economic drivers for the region, creating jobs and boosting tourism.

In addition, Gaud touched on the recent launch of Esports Illustrated, a publication aimed at capturing the attention of younger audiences who are drifting away from traditional sports.

The CEO will also soon deliver a lecture on artificial intelligence and its anticipated impact on technology and the local economy, further showcasing his expertise in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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