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G3 Announces Partnership with JAC to Revolutionize Real Money Video Gaming Infrastructure

Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 30, 2023 – The GaudHammer Gaming Group (G3), a leading developer of real money video game products and esports media, today announced its partnership with John Alexander Consulting (JAC), a carrier and cloud-neutral telecommunications consulting and procurement firm.

The collaboration aims to optimize and build the infrastructure necessary for G3's innovative real-money video game and esports wagering products.

Anthony Gaud, CEO of GaudHammer Gaming Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

"We look forward to partnering with JAC’s Executive Director Alexis Pomierski as we break new ground in the field of real money video games. The requirements for this exciting new area are not yet defined, and JAC will help us navigate the complexities of network infrastructure and advise on cost containment strategies--ensuring that our innovative solutions are on a clear path to profitability."

Gaud emphasizes the value of the JAC partnership, stating, "We are confident that Pomierski’s expertise and tenure with network infrastructure will not only be instrumental in our own ventures, but she will also be essential in establishing cloud network frameworks and best practices for the 'Regulated Video Games and Esports Committee' that I chair at the Esports Trade Association, further strengthening our emerging industry's foundations.”

JAC will collaborate with G3 to streamline the gaming infrastructure, focusing on scalability, cost efficiency, and effective application delivery. By engaging JAC's expertise in areas such as Infrastructure Optimization, Data, Voice, Cloud, and Emerging Technologies, a firm foundation will be established for G3's innovative gaming and esports offerings.

The partnership is poised to significantly propel G3's mission of transforming the gaming landscape through their "Play, Watch, and Wager" philosophy, as they pioneer the future of real money entertainment and esports media, setting new industry standards and captivating the global gaming community.

With the global video game industry expected to reach $200 billion by 2025 and the online gambling market projected to surpass $127 billion by 2027, this collaboration positions G3 at the forefront of two rapidly growing and converging sectors, poised to redefine gaming experiences for millions of players worldwide.

About GaudHammer Gaming Group (G3)

GaudHammer Gaming Group (G3) stands at the forefront of the gaming industry as a trailblazing developer of regulated real-money video game products and cutting-edge esports technology. G3 is reshaping the way teams, gamers, and content creators interact with their passion for gaming, unlocking unparalleled experiences and fostering deep engagement within the global community. For more information, visit

About John Alexander Consulting (JAC)

JAC is a carrier and cloud-neutral telecommunications consulting firm. As strategic business partners and trusted advisors, JAC procures pivotal technology solutions to improve its client’s performance and scale their bottom line. JAC represents more than 300 diverse global carriers with the design, procurement, and implementation of an ideal topology solution.

For more information, visit

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