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FITGMR Joins Conference One to Launch Health & Wellness Initiative

New Program Enables All CF1 School Participants Access To Cutting Edge Sports Science App ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- G3 Esports, Conference One (CF1) announced a partnership today with FITGMR, a pioneer company in the realm of esports performance, to establish the ‘Conference One (CF1) Health & Wellness Initiative.’ The new program is designed to provide student-gamers with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy cognitive state of mind, in addition to monitoring physical performance. The ‘Conference One (CF1) Health & Wellness Initiative’ will focus on ensuring players are monitoring their mental and physical well-being, in order to help maximize their potential in the esports arena and in the game of life. One of the main components to achieving peak performance will be CF1 school member access the FITGMR App, utilized by some of the premier esports professionals in the industry. “Working with FITGMR, our team has grown in the following ways: Increased stamina, increased self-confidence, greater focus and improved sleeping and eating habits, all of which results in better performance on stage,” according to Cloud9 owner Jack Etienne. As part of the ‘Conference One (CF1) Health & Wellness Initiative,’ student team members will receive educational materials on how to successfully adopt the FITGMR Five Pillars of Health into their daily routine, plus access to healthy lifestyle tools and training in the acclaimed FITGMR App. “Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle outside of esports for our student-gamers is one of the utmost important responsibilities we own as an organization,” CF1 Commissioner Ric Serritella stated. “In essence, optimum lifestyle performance translates to premium in-game performance. It’s vital that we install these values into the esports community at every level.” More affiliates of the ‘Conference One (CF1) Health & Wellness Initiative’ are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, as the program has plans to expand. The launch of Conference One Valorant Fall Competition begins on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Additional fall competitions will be announced in the comingmore information be sure to visit: About FITGMR FITGMR is a pioneer in the realm of esports performance. With decades of experience in esports, sports performance, and holistic cognitive methodologies, FITGMR maximizes potential for all gamers by connecting the worlds of sport science, health and wellness, and esports performance. The intersection of esports and life is FITGMR. For more information visit About Conference One Conference One is where ‘Play Matters!’ We promise to be BIGGER and BETTER, while providing a clear vision for a BRIGHTER future in the collegiate esports arena. Through innovative programming and strategic partnerships, Conference One provides universities and organizations the highest level of ELITE competition. About G3 Esports A leading developer of Esports products that resonate within the gaming community. Led by industry executives with decades of high-profile experience in entertainment, game development and igaming operations, G3 Esports is at the forefront of the upcoming “Play, Watch and Wager” revolution. For more information visit

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