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Esports Illustrated Officially Launches

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New esports-focused publication is a joint partnership between SI, The Arena Group, and GaudHammer.

Esports Illustrated officially launched on Thursday. The publication is a joint venture between GaudHammer Gaming Group, Sports Illustrated, and its parent company The Arena Group. While it soft launched a few weeks ago, staff has been quietly banking content for several months in anticipation of this public launch.

The publication aims to create what it describes as “snackable, easily accessible content” about competitive gaming aimed at Gen-Z and Millennial audiences that focuses on core games, associated professional esports leagues, and related entertainment and culture-focused content. Initially it will focus on core games including Call of Duty, Valorant, Apex Legends, and League of Legends, with secondary coverage on other important titles. Esports Illustrated also plans to offer on-site coverage of major esports events in the future, according to a release.

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