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G3 Announces Conference One

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Atlantic City, N.J. (September 1, 2020) – Gaud-Hammer Gaming (G3) announced today the launch of a new collegiate esports organization: Conference One (CF1), providing structured and competitive esports tournaments for colleges and universities in North America.

In the 2020-21 academic year, CF1 will run collegiate esports competition for colleges and universities in Riot Games’ newly released game title, Valorant. Schools will be organized into four regions: East, North, South, and West where they will compete in a round robin format culminating in regional tournaments. The conference anticipates adding more titles in the future.

Conference One aims to grow and advance the collegiate esports ecosystem through it’s four-pillar strategy: player-first mindset, audience-driven content, more live events, and a better competitive structure powered by technology. Member schools will receive benefits such as scholarships, exposure through weekly broadcasts, professional development opportunities, and health and wellness resources to its players.

From September through February 2021, teams will compete in round-robin style matches against other schools in their region of the country. In March, the top teams from each of the four regions will advance to regionals and then to nationals.

“Conference One is incredibly excited for our upcoming year of competition,” stated Kiernan Ensor, President Conference One. “Our primary goal is to elevate and grow the collegiate space to benefit players, schools, and organizations.”

Conference One will produce and disseminate student-driven entertainment content

and programming. Over the course of both the Fall and Spring semester, CF1 will produce 50 broadcasts with over 350 hours of content live streamed on with VOD on CF1’s website and YouTube pages.

CF1 has partnered with CheckpointXP, the multimedia content platform that is part of

Beasley Esports, a division of Beasley Media Group, as their media and content partner. CheckpointXP’s CheckpointXP on Campus is the only show that covers Collegiate Esports created for students and by students. Weekly episodes will run on YouTube, Google and Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Beasley’s Bpod Studios plus and on their website. CheckpointXP’s nationally syndicated radio show will carry weekly league updates.

“We’ve been working closely with the team at G3 Gaming on this project and we couldn’t be more excited. We will be co-hosting the matches on our Twitch channel and profiling schools, teams, and players in weekly episodes of the show. More schools and more conferences in collegiate esports mean more students will have opportunities to participate. And that’s a very good thing,” stated Leslie Fitzsimmons, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for

Beasley Esports.

Follow CF1 on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch at @CF1Esports for up to date information and announcements. Schools that may be interested in joining can reach out to CF1 today at Conference One is free to join.

Registration closes for CF1 membership on September 21, 2020.

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

A complete list of already registered schools:

  • University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg

  • Rutgers University

  • New York Institute of Technology

  • The University of Akron

  • University of Texas, Dallas

  • Boise State University

  • Grand Canyon University

  • University of Houston

  • Slippery Rock University

  • University of Texas, Austin

  • Montclair State University

  • Towson University

  • Mississippi State University

  • University of Albany

  • Syracuse University

  • Missouri Baptist University

  • Ohio Northern University

  • University of Texas, San Antonio

  • Georgia Technological University

  • University of Washington

  • Embry-Riddle Worldwide

  • Butler University

  • Limestone University

  • Oregon Institute of Technology

  • Ball State University

  • Liberty University

About Conference One:

Conference One (CF1), is a collegiate esports platform that drives the growth of programs, collegiate competition, and the esports space at large. CF1 provides universities and organizations with the next generation of competition, through technology advancements and professional development. CF1 was founded in 2019 and is based out of Atlantic City, NJ.

About Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group: Connecting fans, brands, events, and venues to the world of esports Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group is a full-service esports, gaming and entertainment agency. We are committed to creating a safe, healthy, and supportive world, one that builds gamers’ skill sets, provides them with the tools to improve their lives and community, and drives the gaming culture forward. To learn more about Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group visit,

About Beasley Esports:

Beasley Esports is the Esports division of Beasley Media Group. The division is committed to connecting gaming fans with major brands via our multi-platform content offerings; creating high quality, cross-platform content for consumers by catering to esports leagues, players, streamers and fans—and the games & music that capture it all. Beasley is also the owner of the Houston Outlaws Overwatch team, one of 20 in the league, proud to call Houston, San Antonio and Austin home.

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