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Competitive gaming is Sports Illustrated's new vertical

Sports Illustrated has launched a dedicated esports vertical, aptly named Esports Illustrated. The venture is the result of an agreement between Sports Illustrated rights holders The Arena Group and New-Jersey-based gaming and esports agency GaudHammer Gaming Group (G3).

Esports Illustrated soft launched in November to cover the League of Legends World Championship, but it is officially coming out of the shadows for a hard launch today. It’s separate from Sports Illustrated’s dedicated gaming vertical, which launched last year, but both sections fall under SI’s broader FanNation brand, which Sports Illustrated Media Group svp and general manager Chris Pirrone described as a platform that allows contractors and freelancers to own a specific vertical on the SI website.

“What the video game opportunity offers us is more short-form content that people are searching for, or that is trending,” Pirrone said. “Whereas the content strategy for esports was directionally more toward the traditional Sports Illustrated, where we could cover aspects of personalities, teams, things that are a little bit more feature-like.”

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