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Atlanta Digital World Summit Interviews Anthony Gaud on Real Money Video Gaming Legislation

The Atlanta Digital World Summit (ADWS), a cornerstone event representing Atlanta's growing influence in the digital and entertainment industries, is set to feature an exclusive interview with G3 Co-CEO Anthony Gaud who has been a driving force behind numerous industry innovations, particularly in the realm of real money video gaming. Through his expertise and visionary leadership, he is developing critical legislation and frameworks designed to shape the future of real money video gaming in the United States.

You can listen to the interview at this link.

Anthony's endeavors extend beyond advancing G3's interests; they aim to establish new standards and practices that benefit the entire industry. His work is crucial in transforming real money video gaming into a well-regulated, fair, and innovative sector that offers new experiences to gamers while adhering to responsible gaming principles.

The ADWS provides an ideal platform to discuss the intersection of technology, entertainment, and legislation, highlighting the significant role Atlanta plays in the digital future. Anthony's participation in the summit not only emphasizes G3's leadership in industry advancements but also reflects the broader shifts within the digital entertainment landscape, particularly in tech-forward cities like Atlanta.

This event marks an important moment for both Anthony Gaud and G3, underlining their commitment to shaping the future of real money video gaming and the entertainment industry at large.

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