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Anthony Gaud Welcomes NBC/Universal Exec Hez Chorba to Regulated Video Games Committee

The Esports Trade Association is excited to announce the addition of Hez Chorba as a key advisor to the Regulated Video Games and Esports Committee.

GaudHammer Gaming Group CEO and Committee Chair Anthony Gaud stated, “Hez’s experience in the gaming industry, along with his creative expertise, will prove invaluable as we work towards fostering growth and sustainability in the world of esports.

Hez Chorba is a highly accomplished Executive Creative Producer with over two decades of success in managing and developing major intellectual properties and entertainment franchises, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Shrek. Hez has recently rejoined NBCUniversal as Senior Director of Creative for Games and Digital Platforms, bringing his wealth of experience to this new role.

During his time at NBCUniversal, The Walt Disney Company, and Lucasfilm, Hez has made significant contributions to the brands he has worked with by managing intellectual property portfolios and creating products across various mediums, such as video games, theatrical marketing, theme park design, interactive experiences, and retail products.

His work has earned him over 60 major industry awards, including the CLIO Key Art Awards, IDG World Expo Game Marketing Awards, MI6 Awards, The Thea Awards, and The Webby Awards.

As an advisor to the Esports Trade Association, Hez will be involved in:

  1. Guiding discussions on matters related to video games, including intellectual property issues, branding, and development.

  2. Addressing ethical concerns in esports, such as player safety, fair play, and responsible gaming, and assisting the committee in developing guidelines and recommendations to tackle these issues.

  3. Fostering partnerships between game developers, tournament organizers, and other stakeholders to ensure the growth and sustainability of the esports ecosystem.

With Hez’s impressive background and extensive knowledge of the gaming industry, we are confident that his involvement will greatly benefit the Esports Trade Association and the Regulated Video Games and Esports Committee.

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