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Anthony Gaud to Present at NCLGS Summer Meeting

G3 CEO Anthony Gaud has been selected as one of the industry experts at the Legislator/Regulator Roundtable during the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) Summer Meeting.

The event, taking place from July 12-15 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown, is the exclusive gaming conference in the United States, focusing on the objectives and plans of legislative decision-makers.

The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) is the only organization of state lawmakers that meets on a regular basis to discuss issues in regard to gaming. Members of NCLGS chair or are members of committees responsible for the regulation of gaming in their state legislative houses. NCLGS is primarily concerned with the proper regulation of the industry.

The NCLGS Summer Meeting features a lineup of professionals who will share their views on the future of gaming. Anthony Gaud is among the four industry experts chosen to deliver a presentation on the future of the gambling industry during the Legislator/Regulator Roundtable on Friday.

As a respected figure in the gaming industry, Anthony Gaud's expertise will provide valuable insights into real-money video games, next-generation gaming and its implications. His presentation at this esteemed event will contribute to shaping the discourse around the future of gaming legislation.

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