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AI is a Game-Changer the Gambling Industry Needs to Watch Out For

Updated: May 19, 2023

May 17, 2023 - SCGG Newsletter

The pervasive presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our society is becoming increasingly evident as it infiltrates various aspects of our daily lives.

Notably, the remarkable rise of ChatGPT, an AI technology that amassed a staggering 100 million users within a mere 60 days, raises a crucial question for the casino industry: What implications will the widespread adoption of AI have on casinos and online gambling?

It is no secret that AI has long played a significant role in the realm of casinos. Since its inception, it has fine-tuned algorithms, monitored player data, and identified fraudulent activities. Up until now, corporations have primarily utilized low-level AI for benign purposes, but the current landscape offers access to far more advanced AI capabilities.

However, the tides are rapidly changing. The AI now available to the public is nearly on par with, and often surpasses, human intelligence. What was once exclusively the domain of major tech conglomerates is now accessible to anyone with a smartphone or computer.

Consequently, traditional games of chance face a formidable adversary. No longer are they merely pitting themselves against human intellect; they now contend with AI systems striving to tilt the odds in their favor.

Moreover, this tech-savvy opponent not only provides players with an edge against the house but also grants a significant advantage over fellow players who have yet to embrace the AI revolution.

Consider the case of Ken Huston, the renowned card-counting expert who faced repeated bans from numerous casinos. AI now empowers players to emulate Ken Huston's prowess and go even further.

Fascinatingly, a recent survey conducted by YouGov discovered that 70% of regular bettors are willing to invest in AI-powered gambling tools. This indicates a genuine appetite for these cutting-edge betting aids, suggesting they could potentially become a lucrative market.

Looking ahead, speculation arises with the anticipated release of Apple's mixed-reality headset, which might witness players bringing AI into brick-and-mortar casinos. Ordinary gamblers may transform into technologically advanced, card-counting virtuosos.

The immense power wielded by this advanced AI has the potential to disrupt games reliant on delicate equilibrium, designed to ensure players receive their fair share of rewards. Regulatory bodies and compliance organizations must awaken to this unfolding reality and contemplate how AI may upend their games, imposing severe penalties on those who resort to AI-driven cheating.

The prospect of AI unsettling our gaming experiences is not a mere flight of fancy; it is likely already occurring, and the opening of floodgates seems imminent. Failure on the part of the gambling industry to heed this warning will undoubtedly result in an overwhelming predicament. It is imperative that we do not rely solely on chance and gamble recklessly.

This pressing issue demands our immediate attention.

Original article on SCGG Weekly's Newsletter

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