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G3 CEO Hosts NYCC Videogames Panel

Updated: Apr 3

Saturday, October 9, 2021 - G3 Esports CEO Anthony Gaud hosted the discussion panel, "Are Videogames the New National Pastime?" at the 2021 New York Comic Con.

The panel was a discussion of whether video games and esports have become culturally more important in America than movies, television, toys and sports. Comparisons will be made with South Korea's esports culture.

In-person guests included:

  • Kevin Mowrer, former SVP Design & Development of Hasbro

  • Verta Maloney, co-founder and Chief Community Officer of GameHERS

  • Rob Johnson, CEO of Collegiate StarLeague, former Philadelphia Flyers executive

Video guests included:

  • Paul Viglienzone, Head of North American Business Dev, Game Tech for Amazon AWS

  • Shawn Dennis, former EVP of Dreamworks and VP/Chief Marketing Officer of the NFL

  • Tom Russo, Business Dev for Other Ocean, former Editorial Director at G4TV

  • Ric Serritella, founder NFL Draft Bible / Content Manager for Sports Illustrated

  • Craig Leigh, Minecraft Design Director, Microsoft

  • Jimmy Kim, Co-founder of SparkLabs, former CFO of Nexon

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